How it works

Data Verification


The aim of Will Proof is to be a beacon to the way that The Blockchain is championing data verification.


The way to do this is to show people how to securely store the most fundamental thing, the legacy of their life.


If there is one thing that is of paramount importance to folks, is that the information put into ones will, is the same as the information that’s delivered to the beneficiaries in the future.


So what we do is take the data regarding people’s property, online identity, bank accounts, crypto private keys and any other data people wish to pass on and we put it on the blockchain, using the kind of security that the military uses to secure their data.


This proves to a court of law, that the data provided is the same data that is retrieved.


Some people ask why is the data put onto the Blockchain, the reply is a little to do with human nature.


If we put things in a dark place that nobody has access to, we have difficulty in ever proving it has never been tampered with, but here lies our paradox. If something is stored where everyone can see it, surely that removes security.


We deal with this by using the very same levels of security that secures the blockchain, using cryptography, hashing and encryption. In theory this makes the system more secure than the blockchain, because if anyone could possibly get through the cryptography shield, they would then have another double lock of security to penetrate.


The sum of these parts means that two things are paramount, one is that the data received will certainly be the data that was put there in the first place, the second is that security is certain, which is the future of data storage.


So if you have any interest in the legal profession, storing sensitive data or a desire to invest in future technology, it’s happening here and it’s happening now.


The Process