Why invest in Will Proof and who are we looking for?


The Blockchain seems to be on many people’s lips right now, but there are a limited amount of people who have found a way of making the Blockchain work on a day to day basis. So we asked ourselves what is the most fundamental task, that can guide people to understanding how it will change the very way that we’re using and storing data.


Writing and storing our will and testament is this task. If this task can be done in an honest and secure manner, then people can be guided to the next step, because in the world of law and commerce there is, and will be, a LOT of data swimming about that has nowhere to live in both a secure fashion, plus a way that proves its provenance in a court of law.


The people we are looking for to invest in this project are those who understand the meaning of this, who think out of the box, who want to secure the future of their industry and who want to be ahead of what will be a wave, that’s larger than perhaps any wave that has proceeded within the digital realm.


When people learn to trust the Blockchain it will become the vehicle of truth. The most down to earth truth is the nature of the very things that describe us, that describes our lives, our life that we pass on to the next generation.


The laws are changing right now in the UK and the USA regarding the writing and storage of wills. Now is the time for this.


The returns for investors in this tech sector can be high, click here for an executive summary from that company to give an idea.


Remember that this is not investment advice and sophisticated investors only may apply.